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An Afternoon with Stacey Rae Wellness

"To me, nutrition and travel go hand and hand. One feeds the body, and the other feeds the soul." As a dietician by title, Stacy has spent much of her life studying nutrition and exercise, and how they influence health. Being a military spouse, she relocates often and presently coaches clients virtually, running educational courses to help women loose weight and optimise their health naturally. As a lover of mountains and genuinely fun and magnetic individual, we naturally got along like a house on fire.

Having both followed our significant others and their respective careers to the UK, both Stacy and I had similar stories to share of the challenges of relocating to a new country.

Our photography session took place on a rainy afternoon in December and was primarily for me to capture some fun content for upcoming health and wellness topics of discussion she was looking to put out on her social media channels. With a few pre-prepared outfits, meals and a lot of 'orange', we set to work.

I found Stacy's approach to her field quite captivating, particularly in the way that she had incorporated her passions and loves into her business and was not afraid to speak of her own struggles and challenges. Whilst I will admit I was initially somewhat sceptical on the whole 'wellness' bit, the more I listened, the more I found myself reflecting upon my own work / life balance and habits.

Many thanks for the 'No Bake Energy Bites' - looking forward to our next photo session, friend!

See more of Stacy at her instagram @stacyrae_wellness/ and her Facebook page @stacyraewellness.


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